• Confidence and Security Building in Europe : Achievements and Lessons 

      Holst, Johan J. (NUPI notat;436, Report, 1990-10)
      The present paper analyses the history of military confidence-building measures (CBM) in the CSCE process. It describes and analyses the first generation of CBM negotiated in Helsinki. These were mainly symbolic measures ...
    • Europa, miljøvern og vår sikkerhet 

      Holst, Johan J. (NUPI notat;435, Report, 1990-10)
    • European Security : A View from the North 

      Holst, Johan J. (NUPI notat;438, Report, 1990-11)
      The present paper outlines a Nordic and, primarily, a Norwegian perspective on the changes taking place in the political order in Europe. It opens by outlining the salient features of the cold-war order in Northern Europe. ...
    • Institutionalizing the CSCE Process : Considerations, Options and Constraints 

      Holst, Johan J. (NUPI notat;434, Report, 1990-10)
      The present paper addresses the issues involved in institutio nalizing the CSCE. It warns against abstract modelling and favours incrementalism based on the special characteristics of the CSCE process. Institutions should ...
    • NATO and the Northern Region : Security and Arms Control 

      Holst, Johan J. (NUPI notat;437, Report, 1990-11)
      The present paper attempts to provide a framework for assessing the security challenges in the Northern Region of Europe within the context of a post-cold war order. Specific threats have been replaced by unspecific dangers. ...