• Irans moderne historie 

      Erstad, Henriette Ullavik (Others, 2020)
      Irans moderne historie er en høyaktuell bok om hvordan Iran, slik vi kjenner det i dag, har blitt til, utgitt førti år etter at 2500 år med persisk monarkible erstattet av en islamsk republikk.
    • “Irregular” Migration and Divergent Understandings of Security in the Sahel 

      Osland, Kari M.; Erstad, Henriette Ullavik (Journal article, 2020)
      On 23 September 2020, the EU launched its new Pact on Migration and Asylum. In a refreshingly blunt press-release accompanying the Pact one could read: “The current system no longer works. And for the past five years, the ...
    • Sunnism, Salafism, Sheikism: Urban Pathways of Resistance in Sidon, Lebanon 

      Knudsen, Are John (HYRES Research Note;, Research report, 2019)
      This brief analyses Salafism as an urban phenomenon, with an emphasis on the contentious period following the Syrian uprising turned civil war (2011–present). To understand Salafism’s popular appeal, it is necessary to ...
    • To engage or not engage? Libyan Salafis and state institutions 

      Collombier, Virginie; Barsoum, Fiona (HYRES Research Note;, Research report, 2019)
      At the beginning of the recent escalation of hostilities in Libya in April 2019, one of the key questions posed was what role, if any, quietist Salafis would play. Followers of this trend have grown significantly in influence ...