• Afrika i en global krisetid: Noen utviklingstrekk 

      Bøås, Morten; Lie, Jon Harald Sande; Osland, Kari M.; Eriksen, Stein Sundstøl (NUPI Working Paper;900, Research report, 2023)
    • BRICS, Energy and the New World Order 

      Eriksen, Stein Sundstøl; Lodgaard, Sverre; Melchior, Arne; Rich, Karl; Rowe, Elana Wilson; Sending, Ole Jacob (NUPI Report;, Research report, 2012)
    • China, India and the political economy of medical supplies 

      Eriksen, Stein Sundstøl (NUPI Covid-19 Brief;4/2020, Research report, 2020)
      • The pandemic and lockdowns threaten the supply of medicines, especially from India • Poor countries relying on supplies of cheap Indian medicines are especially vulnerable • New medicines and vaccines are likely to be ...
    • Disaster Management in a Crisis State: Dealing With the Corona Crisis in Zimbabwe 

      Eriksen, Stein Sundstøl (NUPI Covid-19 Brief;, Research report, 2020)
      This policy brief discusses how Zimbabwe has dealt with the corona pandemic. It first describes the development of the pandemic and the government’s response to it. Next, I discuss how the response to the crisis is shaped ...
    • Governance, Social Policy, and Political Economy: Trends in Norway’s Partner Countries 

      Eriksen, Stein Sundstøl (NUPI Report;2021-1, Research report, 2021)
      In 2017–2018, NUPI (the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs) headed a project where political economy analyses were undertaken in eleven of Norway’s partner countries. These analyses were published as eleven ...
    • Haiti: A Political Economy Analysis. Landanalyserapport 

      Hauge, Wenche Iren (Research report, 2018)
      Haiti is governed by a small economic elite and the majority of its poor and marginalized population has no access to power. This report analyses the historical roots of the deep socio-economic and political cleavage in ...
    • Malawi: A Political Economy Analysis. Landanalyserapport 

      Tostensen, Arne (NUPI Report;, Research report, 2017)
      This report provides a comprehensive political economy analysis of contemporary Malawi. The country epitomises the primacy of patrimonial politics – including endemic corruption – with a powerful presidency at the helm and ...
    • Mozambique: A Political Economy Analysis. Landanalyserapport 

      Orre, Aslak Jangård; Rønning, Helge (NUPI Report;october 2017, Research report, 2017)
      This report uses a political economy analysis to shed light on some of the paradoxes that characterize Mozambique mid 2017: Entrenched poverty, the resuscitated armed conflict/war, the trust crisis between the Mozambican ...
    • Nepal: A Political Economy Analysis. Landanalyserapport 

      Hatlebakk, Magnus (NUPI Report;November 27th 2017, Research report, 2017)
    • Somalia: A Political Economy Analysis. Landanalyserapport 

      Webersik, Christian; Hansen, Stig Jarle; Egal, Adam (Research report, 2018)
      Somalia has been without a central authority for more than a quarter century. An entire generation is growing up without experiencing stability and security, basic human rights, and economic prosperity. There is no functioning ...
    • South Sudan: A Political Economy Analysis. Landanalyserapport 

      Rolandsen, Øystein H.; Kindersley, Nicki (NUPI Report;October 2017, Research report, 2017)
      This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the current state of South Sudan. A main argument is that its political economy is fundamentally atypical: achieving independence in 2011 and dissolving into renewed civil ...
    • Tanzania: A Political Economy Analysis. Landanalyserapport 

      Eriksen, Stein Sundstøl (NUPI Report;March 2018, Research report, 2018)
    • The Congo war and the prospects of state formation : Rwanda and Uganda compared 

      Eriksen, Stein Sundstøl (NUPI Working Paper;675, Working paper, 2005)
      This paper analyses the effect of the Congo war on state power in Rwanda and Uganda. Drawing on theories of European state formation, it asks whether the Congo war has led to a strengthening of the state in the two ...
    • The Fisheries Sector in Ghana: A Political Economy Analysis 

      Eriksen, Stein Sundstøl; Akpalu, Wisdom; Vondolia, Godwin Kofi (NUPI Report;2018-7, Research report, 2018)
      The fishery sector of Ghana is beset with problems, including widespread illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing.This report analyses the political economy of fisheries in Ghana, focusing on the power and interests of ...