• The Geopolitics of Fish in the Arctic 

      Hoel, Alf Håkon (NUPI Policy Brief;2020-11, Research report, 2020)
      Climate change and declining sea-ice in the Central Arctic Ocean (CAO) has brought concerns that fish stocks may expand into the high Arctic. While the sub-Arctic seas of the North Pacific and the North Atlantic have ...
    • Improving Future Ocean Governance – Governance of Global Goods in an Age of Global Shifts 

      Sverdrup, Ulf; Hoel, Alf Håkon; Shiroyama, Hideaki; Voyer, Michelle; Rowe, Elana Wilson; Yennie Lindgren, Wrenn (Research report, 2019)
      In the paper we spell out recommendations that we consider realistic, effective, and consistent with the priorities of the Japanese presidency of the G20.