• Climate, Peace and Security Fact Sheet: Somalia 

      De Coning, Cedric; Grand, Anab Ovidie; Karlsrud, John; Nortvedt, Jenny; Tchie, Andrew E. Yaw; Krampe, Florian; Tarif, Kheira (Climate, Peace and Security Fact Sheet;2021, Research report, 2021)
      Somalia is highly susceptible to the effects of climate change and extreme weather. Without anticipatory preventive approaches, these factors are likely to exacerbate existing vulnerabilities and reduce the people’s ...
    • Female Peacekeepers and Operational Effectiveness in UN Peace Operations. 

      Osland, Kari M.; Nortvedt, Jenny; Røysamb, Maria Gilen (NUPI Research Paper;3/2020, Research report, 2020)
      More women are needed in UN peace operations, both on the grounds of equality and performance. March 2020 survey data and empirical evidence from the Effectiveness of Peace Operations Network (EPON) highlight the importance ...
    • The Impact of Covid-19 on the Women, Peace and Security Agenda. 

      Osland, Kari M.; Røysamb, Maria Gilen; Nortvedt, Jenny (NUPI Covid-19 Brief;8/2020, Research report, 2020)
      • Women appear to be disproportionately affected by Covid-19 • Pushback on global commitment to gender equality • Gender equality and human development are correlated: focussing on gender equality will have a catalytic ...
    • Multilateral Cooperation and Climate-related Security and Development Risks : Report from the UN75 AfricaNordic Sub-regional Meeting, 3 & 4 March 2020, Dakar, Senegal 

      De Coning, Cedric; Nortvedt, Jenny (NUPI Report;2020-08, Research report, 2020)
      Report from the UN75 Africa-Nordic Sub-regional Meeting, 3 & 4 March 2020, Dakar, Senegal
    • Performance of Peace Operations 

      De Coning, Cedric; Nortvedt, Jenny (Background paper;December 2020, Others, 2020)
      How should we assess and improve the performance of peace operations? This is the topic of the third dialogue strand of VCAF20. UN peace operations are under growing pressure to increase performance and enhance mandate ...
    • Unity in Goals, Diversity in Means - and the discourse on female peacekeepers in UN peace operations. 

      Osland, Kari M.; Nortvedt, Jenny; Røysamb, Maria Gilen (NUPI Working Paper;893, Research report, 2020)
      Gender parity at all levels in the UN, as a means towards gender equality, is a two-decades old commitment, reflecting core values as old as the UN itself. Despite this, progress on increasing the number of female peacekeepers ...