• Common Fears, Common Opportunities? Czechia and Norway in the changing international context 

      Haugevik, Kristin M.; Tallis, Benjamin; Andersen, Morten Skumsrud; Galeotti, Mark; Godzimirski, Jakub M.; Mazac, Jan; Svendsen, Øyvind; Zhirukina, Elena (Research report, 2020)
      With long-dominant structures in flux, European states – and perhaps smaller ones in particular – are now forced to rethink their foreign policy approaches and practices. This policy briefs outlines how one small Northern ...
    • European Defence and Third Countries after Brexit 

      Svendsen, Øyvind (NUPI Policy Brief;2018-03, Research report, 2018)
      The UK’s departure from the European Union has given energy to the process towards ‘ever closer Union’ in the EU’s Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP). Many policies and initiatives have been brought to the table in ...
    • Holdninger til EØS-avtalen etter 25 år: Stor oppslutning, men liten kunnskap 

      Sverdrup, Ulf; Svendsen, Øyvind; Weltzien, Åsmund (Journal article, 2019)
      I anledning EØS-avtalens 25-årsjubileum gjennomførte NUPI og Sentio i januar 2019 en opinionsundersøkelse i den norske befolkningen for å kartlegge nordmenns holdninger til EØS-avtalen samt deres kunnskaper og vurderinger ...
    • Norwegians adapting to a changing world 

      Svendsen, Øyvind; Weltzien, Åsmund (NUPI Report;2020-09, Research report, 2020)
      The world as we have come to know it is changing. Some of the core principles of the rules-based liberal international order are being challenged. The established truths and practices that we have based our foreign policies ...
    • Spin-off av EØS? Norge og europeisk utenriks-, sikkerhets- og forsvarssamarbeid 

      Svendsen, Øyvind; Rieker, Pernille (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2019)
    • Ten Years On: Reassessing the Stoltenberg Report on Nordic Cooperation 

      Haugevik, Kristin M.; Sverdrup, Ulf; Gjesvik, Lars; Hansson, Pia; Håkansson, Calle; Iso-Markku, Tuomas; Mouritzen, Hans; Ómarsdóttir, Silja Bára; Stefánsdóttir, Auður Birna; Svendsen, Øyvind (Research report, 2019)
      Ten years ago, the report ‘Nordic cooperation on foreign and security policy’ was presented to the Nordic foreign ministers at an extraordinary meeting in Oslo, Norway. Penned and fronted by Norway’s former foreign minister ...