• Afghanistan: A Political Economy Analysis 

      Strand, Arne; Borchgrevink, Kaja Christine Andersen; Harpviken, Kristian Berg (NUPI Report;12.12.2017, Research report; Landanalyserapport, 2017)
    • Ethiopia: A Political Economy Analysis 

      Lie, Jon Harald Sande; Mesfin, Berouk (Research report; Landanalyserapport, 2018)
      This report provides an overview and analysis of some key issues pertaining to the political economy of Ethiopia in a historical perspective. The continuous rule of the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front ...
    • Haiti: A Political Economy Analysis 

      Hauge, Wenche Iren (Research report; Landanalyserapport, 2018)
      Haiti is governed by a small economic elite and the majority of its poor and marginalized population has no access to power. This report analyses the historical roots of the deep socio-economic and political cleavage in ...
    • Malawi: A Political Economy Analysis 

      Tostensen, Arne (NUPI Report;, Research report; Landanalyserapport, 2017)
      This report provides a comprehensive political economy analysis of contemporary Malawi. The country epitomises the primacy of patrimonial politics – including endemic corruption – with a powerful presidency at the helm and ...
    • Mali: A Political Economy Analysis 

      Ba, Boubacar; Bøås, Morten (NUPI Report;November 26th 2017, Research report; Landanalyserapport, 2017)
    • Mozambique: A Political Economy Analysis 

      Orre, Aslak Jangård; Rønning, Helge (NUPI Report;october 2017, Research report; Landanalyserapport, 2017)
      This report uses a political economy analysis to shed light on some of the paradoxes that characterize Mozambique mid 2017: Entrenched poverty, the resuscitated armed conflict/war, the trust crisis between the Mozambican ...
    • Myanmar: A Political Economy Analysis 

      Stokke, Kristian; Vakulchuk, Roman; Øverland, Indra (Research report; Landanalyserapport, 2018)
    • Nepal: A Political Economy Analysis 

      Hatlebakk, Magnus (NUPI Report;November 27th 2017, Research report; Landanalyserapport; Landanalyserapport, 2017)
    • Somalia: A Political Economy Analysis 

      Webersik, Christian; Hansen, Stig Jarle; Egal, Adam (Research report; Landanalyserapport, 2018)
      Somalia has been without a central authority for more than a quarter century. An entire generation is growing up without experiencing stability and security, basic human rights, and economic prosperity. There is no functioning ...
    • South Sudan: A Political Economy Analysis 

      Rolandsen, Øystein H.; Kindersley, Nicki (NUPI Report;October 2017, Research report; Landanalyserapport, 2017)
      This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the current state of South Sudan. A main argument is that its political economy is fundamentally atypical: achieving independence in 2011 and dissolving into renewed civil ...
    • Tanzania: A Political Economy Analysis 

      Eriksen, Stein Sundstøl (NUPI Report;March 2018, Research report; Landanalyserapport, 2018)