• Complexity thinking and adaptive peacebuilding 

    De Coning, Cedric (Journal article, 2019)
    We often refer to peace processes being complex. Beyond this common-sense use of complexity, however, there is a serious project under way to study and theorise complexity, and to operate adaptively in such environments. ...
  • The Politics of Stability: Cement and Change in Cyber Affairs 

    Kerttunen, Mika; Tikk, Eneken (NUPI Report;2019-4, Research report, 2019)
    Stability is a delicate attribute of public international order. If pursued to its absolute, it could paralyse the development and progress of humankind. If marginalized, it could fuel injustice, violence and conflict. ...
  • Ten Years On: Reassessing the Stoltenberg Report on Nordic Cooperation 

    Fägersten, Björn; Friis, Karsten; Gjesvik, Lars; Hansson, Pia; Håkansson, Calle; Iso-Markku, Tuomas; Mouritzen, Hans; Ómarsdóttir, Silja Bára; Stefánsdóttir, Auður Birna; Svendsen, Øyvind (Research report, 2019)
    Ten years ago, the report ‘Nordic cooperation on foreign and security policy’ was presented to the Nordic foreign ministers at an extraordinary meeting in Oslo, Norway. Penned and fronted by Norway’s former foreign minister ...
  • Comparing Cyber Security. Critical Infrastructure protection in Norway, the UK and Finland. 

    Gjesvik, Lars (NUPI Report;2019-5, Research report, 2019)
    Cyber security and protecting critical infrastructures from digital harm are of increasing importance for governments around the globe. Tackling this issue is challenged by two distinct features of cyber security in Western ...
  • Museums, memory and meaning‐creation: (re)constructing the Tajik nation 

    Blakkisrud, Helge; Kuziev, Faruh (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2019)

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