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      Puzzled by how geographical changes in the Arctic might cause changes in state behavior the authors of this article have been inspired to return to the roots of geopolitical reasoning. By combining insights from the ...
    • Climate Change and Security in the Arctic 

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      Across the world, climate change already poses severe threats to the natural and human systems on which security depends. These changes are of acute concern in the High North, the geography of land, sea, and ice that lies ...
    • A Governance and Risk Inventory for a Changing Arctic 

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    • A Governance and Risk Inventory for a Changing Arctic : Background Paper for the Arctic Security Roundtable at the Munich Security Conference 2020 

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      Many government officials, military leaders, and political observers have proclaimed the rise of a new, post-Cold War global great power competition between the United States, Russia, and China with myriad implications. ...
    • Iceland’s Relations with its Regional Powers: Alignment with the EU-US sanctions on Russia 

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      The paper examines the Icelandic government’s consideration to withdraw its support for the sanctions against Russia over Ukraine in 2015. The consideration came as a surprise to many since Iceland in the past has habitually ...
    • Missiles, Vessels and Active Defence What Potential Threat Do the Russian Armed Forces Represent? 

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      In 2019, Russia’s Chief of the General Staff, Valery Gerasimov, presented a ‘strategy of active defence’, a possible prelude to the forthcoming Russian military doctrine. This article examines this strategy with particular ...
    • Russia and China in Greenland? 

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      Over the last decade, the Arctic region has become the site of new forms of great power interest. While the US has changed its hegemonic presence, other powers, in particular China and Russia, have been perceived to actively ...
    • Russia and China in Iceland? 

      Leira, Halvard; de Carvalho, Benjamin (NUPI Policy Brief;2016-44, Research report, 2016)
      The Arctic region has become the site of renewed great power interest. Not only are the US and Russia actively engaged in the Arctic Council, but China has also become an observer. In addition to that, a number of policy ...
    • Russian Certainty of NATO Hostility: Repercussions in the Arctic 

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      How does a security dilemma dynamic between parties deemed not to hold hostile intentions toward each other emerge and escalate? This article investigates Russian official discourse on NATO engagement in Europe post-Crimea ...
    • Russian Expert and Official Geopolitical Narratives on the Arctic: Decoding Topical and Paradigmatic DNA 

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      This article examines current Russian expert and official narratives on the Arctic, situating them in the broader context of the debate on Russia’s role in the international system. Combining a critical geopolitics approach ...
    • Russian reframing: Norway as an outpost for NATO offensives 

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      Moscow increasingly views the ‘Collective West’ as an offensive actor and the High North as terrain for NATO ‘expansion’. Norway figures as an active partner in this endeavour. For Norway, this situation is precarious: to ...