• Assessing the Effectiveness of the United Nations Mission in Mali (MINUSMA) 

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    • Being Peacekept? The Implicit Assumptions that Hamper the Protection of Civilians 

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      Protection of Civilians (PoC) has during the last decade evolved to become an important guideline for international actors in post-conflict and conflict affected societies. While much policy literature has been written on ...
    • Climate-related Peace and Security Risks in Africa 

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    • From Liberal Peacebuilding to Stabilization and Counterterrorism 

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      Since the end of the Cold War, international interventions have increasingly been deployed to deal with internal conflict. Liberal peacebuilding has been a guiding concept for many of these interventions, in particular ...
    • Predictive peacekeeping: opportunities and challenges 

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      The time is ripe for the development of a UN early warning tool that estimates the likelihood of instability, intercommunity clashes and armed violence in areas in which UN peacekeepers operate. However, this development ...
    • Predictive Peacekeeping: Strengthening Predictive Analysis in UN Peace Operations 

      Duursma, Allard; Karlsrud, John (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2019)
      The UN is becoming increasingly data-driven. Until recently, data-driven initiatives have mainly been led by individual UN field missions, but with António Guterres, the new Secretary-General, a more centralized approach ...
    • Transactions and Interactions: Everyday Life in the Peacekeeping Economy 

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      This year marks the 75th anniversary of what the UN itself understands to be its first peacekeeping operation. It is therefore an appropriate time to reflect on the track record of UN peacekeeping in its efforts to try to ...
    • United Nations Peace Operations in a Changing Global Order 

      De Coning, Cedric; Peter, Mateja (Book, 2019)
      This edited volume generates a discussion about UN approaches to peace by studying challenges and opportunities that the organisation is facing in the 21st century. We use some of the findings from the HIPPO report as an ...